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Launching the Product the Kennedy Way!

Within a few years of the end of the Second World War, the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union started. So, in 1957, when the Soviets launched a satellite into orbit the world was stunned. Especially because everybody thought that it was the US which was a more advanced country as compared to the Soviet Union. Yet, it was the Soviets who did something technologically spectacular and not the US. Moving ahead to 1961, when Yuri Gagarin went to space it was clear who was winning the race to space. It was also clear as to who was winning the battle of perceptions in the eyes of the world.

So, when Al Shepard went to space, the first American to do so, US President John F Kennedy had to do something. Not only did he have to beat the Soviets in the Space Race, he also had to explain the American people as to why they should let billions and billions of their tax money be spent on such an endeavor. In short, he had to introduce a product (the product being manned moon missions) in the eyes of the American People. A product which would not only be worth every cent of their money but would help raise the esteem of them and their country in front of the world. President Kennedy had to tell the American People that they needed this thing!

Now launching a product is less about the product and more about the capability of your audience to understand that product. So, if you rain the audience with technical specifications of your product, say a sports car, you would lose the majority fo the audience in the giant web of numbers and technical terms which you spun around them! Now, just for a minute reflect on what John F Kennedy did. He explained the manned moon mission to the people in the simplest of terms. He compared the perfection of the giant moon rocket to that of the finest watch. He compared the temperatures which would exist during re-entry outside the astronauts spacecraft to that of the sun. He also made it a point to make it clear that the plan of the manned moon mission was to fly Americans all the way to the moon 'and back'. So, he highlighted the importance of the mission, the dangers involved in it, the technological superiority which the Americans would achieve and made it clear that all this was being done so that America would regain the number one status in the world!

Now while President Kennedy gave his presentation through a speech, contemporary presentations are being given with powerpoints serving as a visual aid. That said we often forget that the visual aid is an enabler for us to put our point forward. It is not to be used as the presentation itself. Moreover, the powerpoint has to be designed in a manner that enhances the impact of our message. It also has to ensure that it keeps the audience hooked on to what we are talking about.

The powerpoint should have an aesthetic appeal. The slides used in it should not appear dull. The colors used in the presentation complement each other. The images used should be awesome. The text used in the presentation should be edited. It has to be done to ensure it is not lengthy and yet conveys the message properly! All this is done to ensure that the audience moves with the flow and not get distracted by how the message is being presented to them.

This is where the services of professional powerpoint services come in handy. They help us prepare a sharp product launch powerpoint which would help us impress upon the audience the value of our product. Professional powerpoint services help us in ensuring that our presentation is designed perfectly. It is done not only to suit our descriptions but also to ensure that the people can understand and enjoy what they are seeing. Product launch presentation are tasks of great precision. Professional powerpoint experts help us in dealing with such an important task with ease.

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